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Improve your bottom line: automatically slash admin time and ensure 100% compliance.

Get more business, do less admin

Network transformations are driving fiber deeper everywhere. This means that good enough testing is no longer good enough – inefficient, error-prone manual processes will take their toll on revenues. Did you know that admin and reporting tasks can take up half of the time of technicians on a field job? On the backend, processing high volumes of test results also ties up a lot of management time. With more to do in less time, reviewing results is often what is ditched first. When spot-checking becomes the only option, it is vital that you can trust your results, your technicians and contractors.

With TestFlow, complete jobs that would normally take you weeks in minutes.

TestFlow has been designed to help you:

Ensure 100% compliance to methods and procedures

Get the right results, the first time by eliminating human errors – no more repeat jobs

Align with best practices as automation becomes the norm in the industry

Obtain visibility into field test results in real time

Access hassle-free automated reports

Cut down time to complete jobs from weeks to minutes

Get the competitive edge

How can you benefit from TestFlow? Whatever your role or the size of your organization, TestFlow will help you streamline test processes and cut costs. And it is easy to adopt–test it your way.


In the same amount of time spent on the job, TestFlow helps technicians complete more tests and at a better quality. TestFlow also ensures that you get the right result, the first time. No need to go back for troubleshooting, you will be sure to leave the site with a job well done.

Features of interest to you: 

  • Results auto-upload
  • Job auto-download to test set
  • Real-time job collaboration
  • Test set sequencing

Site Lead

For site leads, TestFlow allows better control over the tasks at hand and ensures compliance of all tests completed. Keep your clients satisfied with field jobs done right, the first time.

Features of interest to you:

  • Real-time job collaboration
  • Centralized results repository & viewing
  • Job sequencing & auto-download to test set
  • Results auto-upload
  • View pass/fail status from your smart device

Project manager

For project managers, TestFlow slashes the time spent reviewing results and the number of repeat jobs. TestFlow is a valuable solution for project managers whether they work for contractors or for operators.

Contractors/subcontractors: reduce repeat jobs and costs, increase productivity and get paid faster.

Operators: avoid project delays, complete jobs faster and accelerate time-to-revenue.

Features of interest to you:

  • Centralized job creation, assignment, management & auto-download to test set
  • Test results auto-upload
  • Centralized results repository & viewing
  • Reporting with custom templates (FastReporter3)
  • Extensive results post-processing and validation (FastReporter3)

Test result auditor

For test result auditors, knowing that test results will be compliant and reliable from the start can save a lot of time. In this line of work, time is money.

Features of interest to you:

  • Comprehensive results validation (FastReporter3)
  • Job results reporting with custom templates (FastReporter3)
  • Extensive results post-processing (FastReporter3)
  • Test results auto-upload
  • Centralized results repository & viewing


Visibility into the performance of contractors and into the efficiency of components and processes to make more informed business decisions.

Expert analytics

  • Job progress
  • Technician & Contractor efficiency
  • Compliance to established test standards
  • Insights to network quality

Customizable analytics dashboards

  • Auto-suggest chart types based on input data selected
  • Extensive filtering and custom color-coding 
  • Flexible aggregation across date/time, location or other reference data dimensions 
  • Formulate your own queries and choose from wide range of statistical functions

Benefits for executives:

Automated and quick visualization of projects and overall deployment metrics

Actionable insights into job progression, resource performance, compliance & quality

Capacity to find and fix systemic deployment issues before they impact deployment

OPEX savings through process optimization

Informed business decisions about prime contractors & inventory vendors

Easy post-processing and reporting

TestFlow includes FastReporter (version 3). Post-processing test data and generating full reports are now fully automated processes. Validate field results quickly and error-free by leveraging features such as batch processing, bidirectional batch analysis, duplicated measurement verification and so forth. Reports group together optical test results for OTDR, iOLM, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection probes, chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion. Compatible with imports from third-party hardware.

With TestFlow, you are now fully equipped to simplify the commissioning process and more.

Ensure 100% compliance with the right results, the first time

What if you could free up time to focus on winning new business, keeping customers happy and accelerating time-to-revenue?

  • With built-in intelligence and guidance, any technician becomes a testing expert – no expensive trainings, no learning curve.
  • By eliminating human error and automatically protecting critical tests, you can say goodbye to repeat jobs.

Make informed business decisions

  • TestFlow is a cloud-based solution that gives you real-time visibility into what, when and how each field technician is running tests.
  • Stop manually cross-referencing closeout packages. With TestFlow, you can automatically generate a single report for your customer.
  • Make informed business decisions based on actionable analytics.

No one knows fiber like we do

An automated test management solution is only as good as the test set it comes with. EXFO is the leading global expert in fiber testing. We have been driving innovation over the past 30 years, delivering highly reliable and intuitive test sets packed with built-in intelligence.

Leveraging the industry-leading performance of EXFO test sets, TestFlow is the only solution that automatically generates customized reports and that delivers actionable analytics—critical for making business decisions, the smarter way.

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