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Luceo Platform

  • Modular, multi-function BER stress test platform.
  • 1G – 29G per channel.
  • 1G – 400G and beyond for multi-channel.

Platform Overview

  • Stress testing high-speed communication ports and components.
  • Same precision and performance of more expensive solutions.
  • Making physical layer stress test both flexible and affordable.
  • The stress test BER tester that’s big on performance.
  • Add even more test capability to your BER tester with the modular system.

Stress test family to assure IEEE802.3ba compliance

  • Simulate real-world conditions to fully stress test optical ports, components, chips and lasers as defined by IEEE802.3ba.
  • When it comes to conformance testing of optical modules to the stringent ‘Stress-eye‘ standard, you can be sure that Calnex Luceo delivers the performance required for conclusive verification.

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