TimeSource Enhanced PRTC (ePRTC)

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The TimeSource Enhanced PRTC (ePRTC) is designed to meet the newly consented ITU-T Recommendation G.8272.1 for enhanced Primary Reference Time Clocks and provides a unique solution to help protect telecom and mobile networks against GNSS vulnerabilities. Using an innovative approach to "generate time" by producing its own timescale which is driven by high performance Cesium frequency standards and aligned with GNSS time, the TimeSource ePRTC delivers an autonomous, secure and fault tolerant reference for time, phase and frequency synchronization.

Mitigates Threat of GNSS Vulnerabilities

The threat of GNSS vulnerabilities has become real in that events (signal anomalies, regional disruptions and even global outages) have already occurred.   Governments across the globe are now asking their primary network infrastructure providers for a plan and solution for how they plan to defend against this serious threat.  The TimeSource ePRTC delivers a unique solution that goes far beyond mitigating the threat of GNSS and instead enables an operator to deploy an autonomous time source that is impervious to GNSS anomalies and outages.

Meets the new ITU-T Recommendation G.8272.1

In November 2016 ITU has consented Recommendation ITU-T G.8272.1 which specifies the requirements for enhanced Primary Reference Time Clocks (ePRTCs). This recommendation describes more stringent output performance levels that will set the foundation for time, phase and frequency for many years to come. Also described in G.8272.1 is the requirement for an ePRTC to have a frequency input that can be fed with an autonomous primary reference clock. The new TimeSource ePRTC is designed and tested to meet this new industry standard.

Unites with the 5071A Cesium Frequency Standard

Microsemi unites the advantages of the TimeSource ePRTC with the world's most widely adopted frequency standard for UTC generation, the 5071A Cesium frequency standard.  The TimeSource ePRTC, can be purchased standalone or combined with one or two 5071A units to deliver a complete solution stack.

Network Deployment and Management

Synchronization performance needs to be viewed with end-to-end network visibility where the ultimate "measurable outcome" that is most important is how well nodes throughout the network are aligned in phase, time and frequency. The TimeSource ePRTC is managed as an integrated node as part of Microsemi's TimePictra synchronization management solution which provides a birds-eye view of an operator's synchronization network.

Key Features

  • Provides autonomous time scale for time, phase and frequency that operates even without GNSS availability
  • Exceeds requirements as defined by ITU G.8272.1
  • Operates with one or two Cesium clock inputs
  • Redundant Power Inputs
  • Smart GNSS (GPS based) Antenna with Automatic Cable Delay Compensation
  • Incorporate Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC)
  • Software configurable Telecom signal outputs
  • Local Management using Microsemi's TimeCraft Software
  • Designed for integration with multiple TimeProvider 5000 Grandmasters
  • Available in both ETSI and ANSI Form Factors
  • Secure SSH/SSL communications
  • End-to-end network management using Microsemi's TimePictra Synchronization Management System

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