WSS (Web Server Safeguard)

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Web Server Safeguard

Real-time protection for web servers and cloud-based computing services

WSS is a complete web server security solution that performs real-time detection of malicious code/URLs, and homepage forgery.
Performing instant scans, quarantines, and notifications, WSS secures ultimate web server and WAS protection.


The Need for WSS

Respond to a wide array of targeted attacks on web application vulnerabilities

Supplementary Solutions for Network Security Appliances

  • Limitations in network defense due to sheer diversity of invasion methods
    (need for intrinsic malicious code detection and quarantining)
  • Increases in information security incidents not only by external hacking but also by users inside
    the organization
  • Lack of protection against malware that infiltrates prior tofirewall installation
  • Increases in penetration by network bypass technique
  • Heavy system burden/overload associated with full inspections
  • Risks associated with exception handling for encryption/encoding traffic and security protocol

ShellMonitor Operation Overview

ShellMonitor operates by detecting real-time changes in a web server’s file system.
The instant a change is detected, ShellMonitor scans theWebShell/URL, notifies the system administrator,
and quarantines the malicious WebShell/URL.

  • Real-time detection and quarantine actions for WebShells and malicious URLs
  • Centralized management support and automatic update support for large web servers
  • Detection and prevention of malicious permission and configuration file changes

ShellMonitor’s Key Features: Detection Performance

Supports detection of unknown malicious codes through obfuscated code-only analysis engine (SCR parser)

Malicious code collection to improve detection performance

  • Agent detection analysis applied to over 15,000 units
  • Professional collection and analysis of malicious code

Supports sophisticated pattern application and exception handling to minimize false positives

Supports pattern customization according to needs of target system

ShellMonitor’s Key Features: Convenience

Efficient operation in mass-processing Web/WAS environments

  • Supports auto-quarantine of known WebShells and malicious URLs
  • Detailed risk and behavior reports for unknown malware

Convenient update support

  • Automatic pattern and detection agent updates

R&R (Role and Responsibility) Support

  • One-click quarantine reporting
  • Supports automatic detection of target directory
  • Supports automatic backup of latest detections to management server
  • Supports detailed management of hierarchy and access rights (manager/control worker/operation worker)
  • Automatically detects additional target directories during operation

Summary of ShellMonitor’s Key Features

Product name WSS ShellMonitor
Latest Version v 2.5
Release date May 2010
Manufacturer UMV Inc.


  • WebShell detection
  • Quarantine
  • Exception

Malicious URL

  • Black list
  • White list
  • Gray list
  • URL/URI management

Personal Information Detection

  • File detection
  • Document detection
  • DB detection

Forgery Detection

  • Avoid file changes
  • Random change detection
  • Filter uploader
  • WAS configuration file change detection

Management Function

  • Rights management
  • Agent management
  • Update management
  • Home directory auto find

VM Function

  • Scale In/Out
  • History management
  • Network security management
  • Event duplication management

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