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  • 3G/4G/5G field sync measurements including Over the Air (OTA).
  • For LTE-A, TDD LTE and small cell deployment - test network phase accuracy and validate network performance to ITU-T limits.
  • Measure and analyze metrics: PDV, FPP, TE/max|TE|/dTE, MTIE/TDEV. Best-in-class internal Rubidium and accuracy.

Simultaneous Measurements

  • 1pps/frequency.
  • PTP/SyncE.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA).
  • NTP (PDV + 2wayTE).

PTP Protocol Compliance

  • G.8265.1
  • G.8275.1
  • G.8275.2

Easy Analysis

  • Detailed measurement report in PDF format.

Easy Test Setup

  • Run health check to auto disover signals.
  • Start all measurements at the same time.
  • Capture live network conditions and replay in the lab to troubleshoot issues.
  • Remote operation: Monitor from NOC/Office.
  • Embedded GNSS Receiver and Rubidium (Rb)

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