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Extending Synchronization to the Edge of the Network

Your networks are faced with the proliferation of high-speed data, broadband multimedia, 2.5/3G wireless, and circuit-to-packet convergence. These forces are rapidly driving the need for reliable, high quality synchronization beyond the network core and into metro and access offices. However, the economics of synchronization and the functional requirements of access offices differ significantly from traditional core offices. TimeProvider® 1000 and TimeProvider 1100 meet these small office sync requirements. TimeProvider 1000 features a front facing connector panel, while connections to the TimeProvider 1100 are made on the rear of the unit. Only a high-performance node clock can adequately meet the critical sync requirements of your small office. These include a reduced number of outputs, a smaller footprint, and lower cost points--all with the stability and accuracy of a core office sync system.

Timing, Retiming and Remote Management

TimeProvider 1000/1100 tracks incoming frequency timing references, qualifies the signals, and filters and distributes precise synchronization onto a single universal IOC card. The IOC card can also provide retiming of E1/T1 circuits. Our Information Management Card enables you to locally and remotely provision, manage and collection status information from the IOC cards and processing signal alarms.


TimeProvider 1000/1100 is available in Rubidium or Quartz with SmartClock® technology. They can be configured with an additional IOC card to provide 1+1 full input, clock redundancy and output protection.

Main Shelf

The main shelf houses the IMC, the IOCs, and the input and output connector modules. It provides up to 32 outputs or a mix of E1/T1 retimed spans up to a maximum of 8 retimer circuits per system. The optional expansion panel provides up to 32 additional outputs, allowing a maximum of 64 protected configurable outputs.


A T1/E1/ integrated GPS option allows for a standalone Primary Reference Source that meets GR 2830/G.811 requirements. Our NTP solution offers accurate timing and time-stamps to deliver better QoS and improve network performance. It operates as a Network Time Server through Stratum 1 traceability or can be a client to retrieve time from peers

Key Features

  • GR2830/G.811 timing performance when locked to GPS.
  • Economical and Compact
  • Fully Redundant and Protected
  • Up to 64 1+1 Protected and Configurable Outputs per System
  • Best in Class Clock Performance with BesTime and SmartClock Technologies
  • Type II/Stratum 2 and Type I/Stratum 3E Holdover IOC options
  • Universal Input and Output Cards
  • 2.048MHz/CC Along with Japan Specific Inputs and Outputs
  • NTP Server/Client with MD5 Authentication
  • NEBS and CE Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • E1/T1 Span Line Retiming

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