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  • Industry-leading Time Error solution delivering sub-nanosecond accuracy - essential for validating 5G network devices.
  • Addresses all 5G Enhanced Time requirements up to 100GbE.
  • Validate SyncE Jitter and Wander, ESMC and PTP to ITU-T G.826x and G.827x standards.

Standards Conformance

  • Complete test solution for ITU-T Class-C and Class-D devices.
  • High performance Hardware combined with test-driven Software to control stimulus, impairment and measurement for robust testing.
  • Automatically generates PTP and ESMC messages, Time Error and SyncE impairments, and applies filters, metrics and masks.

PTP (1588)

  • Master Slave Emulation, plus Time of Day, 1pps and Frequency.
  • Automatic configuration of PTP (1588) fields, plus validation using PTP Field Verifier (PFV).

SyncE (Jitter & Wander)

  • Prove SyncE Jitter and Wander to G.8262/G.8262.1 at rates up to 100GbE.


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